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The Firefly Goes to Hawaii

After a tough winter in the northern hemisphere, we decided to send the Firefly to Hawaii to get some sun and a bit of ocean air. The resulting video is a beautiful tour of the island of Oahu, with a few members of the Ozone Team showing you how versatile and fun the Firefly is. If you haven’t yet soared or foot-launched a Firefly, then you’re missing out! Get a demo from your local Ozone dealer and experience the stable speed and ultra-compact feel of this exciting new toy for your collection.

Cheers from all the Team, and happy soaring!

Laurent Salinas Crosses France

Laurent Salinas recently completed an exciting adventure with his friend Marc Coffinet. Laurent was piloting his Viper 2 as the duo flew from the English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea in vol-bivouac style.

PPG wings create an amazing platform for XC flying, particularly at this time of year when the air is clear and calm and there are no real thermals for free-flight XC. Marc and Laurent packed up their wings with about 55kg of motors and gear, and flew across the country in just over a week. Along the way they were treated to landscapes and perspectives that can only be accessed with a PPG wing.

We say it again and again, but free-flight pilots, although oftentimes initially discouraged by the noise and hassle of a motor, should all try paramotor flying at least once. It is an amazing and beautiful discipline which allows a type of 3D freedom that is totally unknown to free-flyers.

Look for the full story on their adventure in coming issues of Paramotor magazines.
Cheers from all the Team!

Matt and Rob Cross NZ…

Rob Whittall, one of the founders of Ozone and the current kite and speed wing designer, together with Matt Taggart, Co-founder & Managing Director of Ozone Kites, went for a little flight across New Zealand with their new Viper2s.

Matt and Rob both have a long history in the paragliding world, as Matt has competed for the UK Team and in the PWC and Rob is a former World Champion, but they currently spend most of their time suspended from Ozone kites on the snow and in the water. However, they recently got themselves a couple of motors to use around their home site in New Zealand, and this is exactly the sort of adventure that they were imagining their new machines would be good for.

Paramotoring is a brilliant sport, as you know, and it’s flights like these that make it all worthwhile – cruising around clouds and admiring a wonderful landscape from above, while traveling alone in the sky.

Cheers to Matt and Rob from the rest of us in the Ozone office up here in wintery France! We’re happy that you liked the wings, and enjoyed your flight.

Motoring with the Locomotive

Although interesting, this is not exactly recommended. The clip at the link below shows a couple of PPG pilots having fun on the South Island of New Zealand. You may have read about this in Paramotor Magazine, or seen the photos elsewhere on line. IndaSky Productions has just released a quick clip of the action so we’re posting it here. For more fun stuff like this, check out www.indasky.com.

Video here:

Cheers from all the Team.

Bi-Curious? Experience the Pleasure of Speed Flying

Speed Flying is not just for crazy kids, we insist. In fact, we really think that all paraglider pilots should try it, especially if they live someplace where wind can be a limiting factor for fun, or at sites where a lack of thermals tends to reduce your enjoyment of paragliding.

Foot Launched Speed Flying is an awesome way to have fun on a windy, or no-wind, day. And the truth is that it’s not that complicated. In fact, it’s quite simple to learn, and is a suitable option for even some beginner level paraglider pilots. Speed Flying wings are stable, simple to fly, and easy to get used to.

Come along as the Ozone Team describes some of the benefits and pleasures of foot launched speed flying, in this new short film:


Cheers from all the Team.


Raffaele on the Podium with his Viper 2

Raffaele Benetti and his Viper2 took second place overall at the Italian PPG Championships in Castiglione del Lago. Raffaele Benetti and Sandro Passeri (Italian champion for the past 4 years), moved to the top of the ranking immediately on the first day of the competition and even further improved their distance from the other competitors in the following days.

Raffaele performed best in the consumption over a declared distance task, where he was able to fly 40 km using only 2 liters of gas, thanks to the efficiency of his Viper 2 and his Vittorazi Fly 100 Evo motor. Raffaele is very happy with his Viper2, and he reports that the handling, speed, maneuverability and stability are all even better than he was expecting.

Raffaele will be a member of the Italian Team that will participate in the coming PPG World Championship in the Czech Republic, and we wish him luck!

Nice work, and cheers from all the Team.

Blog Highlight – Mathieu Rouanet

Ozone Team Pilot, Mathieu Rouanet, recently finished a very impressive tour of South America, during which he maintained a current and fascinating series of blog posts. For those of you who aren’t checking it regularly, we think you should take a look. There are a lot of great photos and some interesting words about the people and places that Mathieu and his girlfriend Emilia visited with their Viper Paramotor wings.

It’s not every day that a couple of pilots get to tour around some of the most exciting parts of South America with paramotor wings, which enable them to fly in places that most people would never dream of, and many normal free-flight pilots wouldn’t even consider. Check out the blog for more than a hundred awesome photos of the brilliant possibilities that powered flight creates.
Click here for the two in Bolivia, and also here for the Amazon, and then here for more…

Mathieu Rouanet – all recent posts.
Cheers from all the Team, and enjoy your adventures!

Monaco to Beijing, by Paramotor!

Recently two Frenchmen flew their paramotors from Monaco, on the Mediterranean coast in France, all the way to Beijing, China. The journey of over 10,000km was completed flying the new Viper 2 paramotor wing.

Frederic Jacques and Gabe Galtier traversed Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, The Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and finally China, over a period of 5 months. The duo enjoyed the sights and experiences of countless deserts, ancient cities and temples, storms and sunsets during the course of their voyage.

Fred and Gabe report that the Viper 2 is everything that we’d hoped and planned. With even higher top speed and better glide than the original Viper, the two were able to enjoy one of the fastest and most efficient paramotor wings available. And they reported that throughout the turbulence and the wide range of conditions, the safety and comfort was truly excellent. The Viper 2 is certified EN C.