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New ROADRUNNER – ground handling wing

June 4, 2020

The Roadrunner is an easy to use and highly forgiving paraglider that is designed specifically, and only, for ground-handling training. It is optimized for use in wind speeds that are too high to practice with a standard sized paraglider, but... 続きを読む

AEREAS (AERIALS) by Sylvestre Campe

June 4, 2020

Aereas (Aerials) is a series of films produced by Ozone team pilot Sylvestre Campe for Brazilian TV channel Canal Off. Sylvestre, together with another Ozone team pilot Kester Haynes are traveling in search of the most extraordinary and challenging places... 続きを読む

Pal Takats Best of Red Bull Air Race

May 31, 2020

Ozone Team pilot Pal Takats was part of the Red Bull Air-Race series performing paramotor displays in different locations around the World. He flew in Ascot Racetrack (UK), city center of Budapest in Hungary, Chiba in Japan, Las Vegas, Abu... 続きを読む

How to pack a wing into a stuff bag

May 26, 2020

Stuff bags are very popular among paramotor pilots and one of the common questions we get is how to pack a wing into a stuff bag and still keep the plastic rods undamaged. Here is Lorran Michaels explaining his technic.... 続きを読む

Roadster 3 Video

May 26, 2019

Check out the latest Ozone paramotor video featuring the Roadster 3... 続きを読む

Dream the Dream You Want to Live!

January 28, 2019

Dream the Dream You Want to Live!! Enjoy the latest production of our friends from Aviator PPG! There is not age for dreaming. There is not age for flying. See you out there ... 続きを読む


March 1, 2018

A short video featuring Ozone Team pilot Giuseppe Jo, Emilia Plak and the Ozone Freeride, flying in beautiful NZ. Enjoy! ... 続きを読む


May 1, 2017

コナは10年以上に渡るパラモーターグライダーデザインを元に完成され、フリーフライトで卓越するグライダーを必要としているパイロット向けのオゾンレンジの中で、初中級レベルとして申し分の無いグライダーです。オゾンレンジの中で最も人気のあるバズZ5をベースとするコナはパワードならびにフリーフライトで抜群に安心感のある土台に最新の高性能技術を採り入れています。 詳細は製品ページをご覧ください。... 続きを読む