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We are happy to announce that new Spark 2 is now available to order.

Spark 2 is a paramotor wing designed specifically for schools and beginner pilots. With an intelligent use of materials chosen for their specific function, the Spark 2 is made with longevity and cost effectiveness in mind. It offers all of the ingredients for students to learn safely and make quick progress, while providing schools with a dependable and long-lasting platform for their fleet of gliders. The Spark 2 is EN and DGAC certified, comes in three sizes with broad weight ranges up to 140 kg and special paramotor risers with trimmers covering all configurations. 

Ask the nearest Ozone dealer for more information, demos and prices!

More info: Spark 2 product page.

New Tandem wing – MagMax 2

We are happy to announce that new MagMax 2 is now available to order.

The MagMax 2 is designed for professional tandem pilots. This all new design includes significant upgrades in durability, comfort, and ease, with massive improvements in the areas of launch, landing, and in-flight agility. 

Designed primarily for foot launched tandem paramotoring, the MagMax 2 can also be used with lightweight trike units. Certified EN B in both 38 and 41 sizes, the MagMax 2 is suitable for experienced, qualified tandem pilots.

More info on MagMax 2 product page.

MagMax 2 is ready to order from your local Ozone distributor.

Nicolas wins Andalucian Paramotor Race 482 km

Andalucian Paramotor Race 2019 organized by Mario de Eolox  took place on 9 – 10 February. 28 best pilots from Spain intended to fly a long cross country of 482 km from Huelva to Almeria.  All pilots had a ground crew following them and were allowed to land for fueling. Ozone Team pilot Nicolas Aubert flying his Viper 4 and PAP Tinox with Thor 200 managed to make it first to the goal!

Nicolas Aubert reports: “I am very happy to won the Race. I flew total 482 km from Huelva to Almería. It has been one of the hardest flights I have ever made in my life! It took me nearly 9 hours with 3 fuel stops. Total flight time was 6 h 30 min at maximum speed. The last section from Guadix to Almeria was the hardest, I was so tired that my legs were shaking, but at the end we made it! I would like to thank my ground crew: Pierre Aubert and Juan Morillas.  I am also grateful for excellent and reliable equipment, PAP paramotor and Ozone Viper 4, fast, good performance and solid glider!”

Congratulations from all Ozone Team!

Next level adventure 1600 km XC in Brazil

Earlier this year, two pilots Kester Haynes (Ozone Freeride) and Daniel Rodrigues (Ozone Roadster 3 26) planned 10 days cross country flight, with a goal to design a route for the 2019 Icarus Trophy Race. They flew total distance of 1600 km having a ground crew support of three 4×4 cars. Kester describes it shortly as “next level adventure”

Kester reports:

“Daniel and I set off on our mission with all the kit we would expect an Icarus Trophy pilot to carry, its heavy! Although we would be carrying everything as if unsupported – Race Class style – we had made pre arranged meeting points with our ground crew, more like Adventure Class.

The landscape, terrain and fuel availability for the first couple of days, was a gentle warm up. Then leaving the hills behind, comes the Pantanal – the World largest tropical wetland area. This is where you feel like you’re entering another world. I never could have imagined what it felt like to fly over this wild and difficult place! To try to put the remoteness of the landscape into perspective, we often flew for a couple of hours and then the support cars had to take a 14 hours route!  Apart from my brain continuously trying to figure out how we would run the Trophy here, the overriding fact I couldn’t get over was how the Paramotor is simply the best way the explore this stunning place.

Only a couple of hundred Kilometres in, you start to feel a huge sense of freedom and remoteness. Only passing the occasional farm, the wild stretches in-between are crowded with wildlife, most of which would not be friendly companions to be grounded alongside!

On a couple of legs crossing the Pantanal, we knew we would not have any support from our ground crew. I think I can speak for both pilots when I say these legs were the best. Being self-sufficient was a great feeling, carrying everything you need to survive with your own aircraft, as well as added pressure of knowing you can make very few mistakes in order to make it out of there alive!

Leaving the Pantanal behind and entering more familiar territory of farmland, we B-lined for Benito, were we will be hosting the finish line ceremonies. This was yet another complete shock to the senses, we ended up in the middle of a Lasso competition. Cowboys and cowgirls everywhere, banging music, and one mega party!…

The Pantanal is defiantly a next level adventure”

Cheers form all Ozone Team.


Le troisième championnat du monde de slalom paramoteur s’est déroulé en Egypte, au magnifique lac Qarun, dans le district de Fayoum, près du Caire.

50 pilotes en provenance de 13 pays se sont mesurés pendant 7 jours. En dépit d’une météo très ventée durant les trois premiers jours, l’Organisateur Sky Sports Egypt et le Directeur d’épreuve Jose Ortega ont réussi à organiser une compétition réussie avec dix manches avant que l’on assiste aux derniers runs effectués par les meilleurs pilotes.
Rien n’a été facile pour les compétiteurs en raison du climat brûlant et changements permanents de direction des vents. Certains pilotes ont fait des erreurs ou ont eut des problèmes de motorisation qui se sont terminés à l’eau.
L’observation de la manche finale entre les pilotes N° 22-18-12-8-6-3 et les deux meilleurs pilotes a été une expérience passionnante.
Team Ozone est très fier d’aligner les meilleurs pilotes de slalom du Monde ! :
Alex Mateos (France) termine premier et remporte le titre de champion du monde sous Freeride 14
Nicolas Auber (France) – Second sous Viper 4 14
Marie Mateos (France) – 1st Female World Champion and 6th in overall flying Freeride 14
Boris TYSEBAERT (France) – Troisième en catégorie chariot solo sous Viper 4 15
Chaudes félicitations à tous les pilotes pour les performances et leurs résultats
Cheers from all the Team


Désormais disponible !
Notre nouveau sac de portage est disponible en trois tailles : Small, pour les paras XS/S ; Medium pour toutes les autres tailles (y compris les tandems) et Large pour les paramoteurs de compétition. Ce nouveau sac est plus confortable et facile à porter, avec de très nombreux espaces de rangement et la même durée de vie légendaire offerte depuis le premier jour.

Coupe Icare 2018

Pour la 19ème. année consécutive, Ozone était présent à la Coupe Icare pour vous rencontrer sur le stand Alixa. Une fois de plus, Matthieu DE QUILLAQ a surpris tout son monde avec son idée de concevoir un stand aussi peu commercial que possible.
Les pilotes Ozone Alex MATEOS et Nicolas AUBERT ont participé à la course Parabatix Sky Race (slalom / précision) qui a eu lieu sur le plateau de St. Hilaire ainsi qu’à l’atterro de Lumbin durant les trois jours de la Coupe. Nicolas volait sous sa toute nouvelle Viper 4 14 et a terminé second. Félicitations à tous les pilotes et merci pour le grand spectacle !

Samedi après midi, les spectateurs ont pu aussi profiter d’un spectacle de paramoteur proiduit par
Alex, Nico, Marie et Raffaele BENETTI.

Merci à tous ceux qui ont pris le temps de visiter notre stand. Ce fut chouette de voir de vieux amis et d’en rencontrer de nouveaux .