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All sizes of the Roadster are now certified EN Category C!!! The EN C certification is WITH 12cms acceleration, meaning that the Roadster is still certified EN C with full speed bar acceleration.

Reflex Speed with EN C / DMSV B Safety and Certification!

The Roadster was created for a wide range of intermediate paramotor pilots, ranging from XC distance fliers to ground skimmers and adventure pilots. It is a paramotor specific glider, with characteristics similar to the Viper but with an overall much higher ease of use.

The Roadster is for a wide range of intermediate and advanced paramotor pilots who want a reassuring amount of stability and a good cruising speed. The Roadster’s OZRP Technology (OZONE Reflex Profile) means that it is more stable in accelerated flight than a normal free-flight wing.

Special attention was put into the launching characteristics of the Roadster. The inflation is smooth and constant in any wind speed, and the wing comes up directly overhead without shooting in high winds or lagging behind in no wind, all of which means that your time will be spent enjoying your flight, not struggling with your launch.

The Roadster can also be flown without a motor. Its sink rate is low enough to soar in light lift, thermal in all conditions, and fly cross country. Although it is designed for pilots who fly majority (if not exclusively) under power, the Roadster performs excellently unpowered as well.

We hope that Intermediate and Advanced pilots will appreciate the easy launches, stable flights, and the high top speeds of this wing, which is designed to allow you to enjoy the flight without worrying about your wing.

The OZONE Roadster and Indy are two of the first wings to pass the tests necessary for the DMSV certification. We are pleased to announce that the Roadster M has received DMSV B: (without accelerator) DMSV-MS-5009-08. The Roadster is also certified EN C with accelerator.

“I have flown the roadster 5 times now and absolutely love it, I feel like a rockstar with the speed tighter turning all while feeling completely comfortable. I can easily launch in reverse with very light wind!”
Paul VanGroll, UK

Roadster video-review by www.OjoVolador.com (Theflyingeye), an online magazine for paragliding & paramotor pilots.


“The Roadster is a wing for a large public, from beginners to experienced pilots, who don’t want to “fight” with fast wings that can be difficult to take-off and that are demanding in rough-air”

“Easy handling, and not aggressive in pitch”
Parapente Vol 72, 2008

“56-58kmh Top Speed”

“Excellent performance for this category.”
Vol Libre VL N°383

Colores de serie

Roadster Colour Options

Contenido del paquete

Tu vela OZONE se entrega de serie con los accesorios siguientes::

You may choose to add something to your order, such as: Easy Bag (stuff bag), Light Easy bag (video), Saucisse Bag (video) (concertina packing bag), Glider Backpack, or OZONE Clothing and Accessories.


Superficie proyectada (m2)20.7222.4524.61
Superficie real (m)242628.5
Envergadura proyectada (m)8.819.169.6
Envergadura real (m)11.0711.5212.06
Alargamiento proyectado 3.743.743.74
Alargamiento real5.15.15.1
Cuerda central (m)2.742.862.99
Peso de la vela (kg)
Weight Range65-10580-12095-140
* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.


  • The Roadster is constructed with Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution 45, and comes standard with OZONE Paramotor Risers which feature double hang points and a reinforced trimming system.


Notas del diseñador


The Future of Paramotoring is Reflex Speed with Free Flight Efficiency.


A Pure PPG wing for everyone, with an intermediate certification and technology from the world champion Viper.

The design targets: Easy launch, EN certification, agile handling and in flight stability, and OZRP technology for high speed stability.


OZRP Technology. For more info click here: OZRP.

The Roadster is the first intermediate glider with OZRP Technology, which we think yields the best combination of high top speed, stability, and handling. OZONE’s Hybrid Reflex Profile allows easy launches and agile handling, with confidence at higher cruising speeds.

Passive Safety: One unique aspect of the OZRP Tech is its high passive safety. The Roadster received mostly EN-B ratings in the EN safety tests, with EN-C in accelerated flight. The Roadster is currently the safest reflex wing available with EN certification.

Glide and Sink Rate Performance: The performance and sink rate of the OZRP has been thoroughly proven by the Viper and its countless wins in International Competition, including World and European Championship titles. Speed is considered to be the most important factor in a paramotor wing, but a fast wing without good glide performance and a low sink rate is like a car with high horsepower and 4 flat tires. The high efficiency of the OZRP means lower fuel consumption, better thermalling capabilities, easier launches, and softer landings.

This is the future of paramotoring: Reflex Speed with the efficiency of a free flight wing.

The Planform: The combination of Aspect Ratio and cell number and a balanced arc make the Roadster very easy to handle.

The Launch: After almost a decade of designing free flight wings that are as easy as possible to launch, the Roadster has a light and smooth inflation, and a compact and forgiving feeling while ground-handling. With 45 cells and a segmented diagonal system, the Roadster has a very light sail which makes launching far easier.

Precise panel shaping and the spanwise tension strap create the comfort necessary for an intermediate wing. This is also one of the keys to the agile handling of the Roadster, which is crisp, direct, but maintains a long brake range and forgiveness during take off and during slow turns.

PPG Risers: Double hanging points, so you can use the one the most appropriate for your motor. The speed system has 12cm of travel and allows a high increase in speed, all with EN Certification.

The OZONE PPG risers also have rear-riser trimmers with a 10cm range, for pilots who want additional speed without EN Certification.