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Next level adventure 1600 km XC in Brazil

December 13, 2018

Earlier this year, two pilots Kester Haynes (Ozone Freeride) and Daniel Rodrigues (Ozone Roadster 3 26) planned 10 days cross country flight, with a goal to design a route for the 2019 Icarus Trophy Race. They flew total distance of... Para saber más

Ozone pilots fly over The Great Pyramid of Giza

June 4, 2018

Last week of April, Sky Sports - Ozone Power dealer from Egypt - organized an event inviting 35 pilots from 10 countries (USA, Mexico, UK, Poland, Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Oman, Brazil, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia) to fly paramotor over The... Para saber más


May 17, 2017

Oisín Creagh voló con su paramotor desde Irlanda hasta África. Lo hizo en agosto y septiembre de 2016, para recaudar fondos para una organización caritativa africana y atraer atención sobre los problemas de allí. Su expedición le ha valido ser... Para saber más

Pal Takats sobrevuela el Monte Fuji

May 31, 2016

Pal Takats se bajó del avión, arrancó su motor y voló desde la costa del océano Pacífico hasta el Monte Fuji. "Menos de 24 horas después de llegar a Japón y peleándome aún contra un desfase horario importante, conseguí sobrevolar... Para saber más

Endless foot drag with Daniel Rodrigues @danielparajet

Images by @oraony
Earlier this year, French American pilot Jean Francois Chabaud flew 6000 miles paramotor tour across America! This is by far the longest distance ever attempted and achieved by paramotor! @jeanfrancoischabaud
He was flying Ozone Roadster 3 in size 22m and supported by ground crew along the route.
Jean reports:
“Total forty days of flying: San Diego, California to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida then Mexico.
Distance flown: 6,150 miles and only driving 60 miles in US and 200 miles in Mexico.
Launched and landing at the same spot 98% of the time.
My The longest flying day was 8.5 h! The biggest and fastest distance was over 1,000 miles distance flown in just four days!
This epic adventure had its highs and lows, literally… from sea level to 9,600 ft (2926 m)!
My top speed was approximately 81.4 mph (131 kmh) above Mobile, Alabama.
I had about 40 deflations, including six major deflations but the great Ozone Roadster 3 saved my life many times as it’s such a good and safe xc wing.
This Roadster 3 wing is brilliant, fun to fly!”
If you want to meet Jean and chat about his epic adventure, he will be attending some events in Europe this year, like Parafest in UK (July) and Coupe Icare in September in France. Congratulations to Jean. We are looking forward to seeing his next adventure!
Cheers from all Ozone Team
Blue Lines
By @danielparajet
Pilot: @victormotta1995
Location: 🇧🇷 Brazil
2019 French Paramotor Championships was held in ULM Airfield Couhe-Verac from 29 June till 6th July. There were total 35 pilots competing in class PF1 (solo foot launch), 9 light single trikes and 4 double trikes.  PF1 pilots flew total 13 tasks and trikes 11 tasks.
Alex and Marie Mateos won the competition taking 1st (Alex) and 2nd (Marie) place. Both of them were flying with Viper 4 16. @marie_mateos @mateosalexandre ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Alex Mateos reports: “First of all, I am very happy with the performance of my equipment. Despite of tough condition and hot weather my engine was working really well. I am very impressed by speed and stability of my Viper 4 sometimes we were flying in a really strong wind, reaching speed up to 100 km/h! I started this competition a bit distracted, because I lost podium in French Championships in 2011 on the same airfield, it was the moment, when I first met Marie and fall in love” .
Marie says: “I am very happy with my final results. I think I started this competition really focused not to make any mistake, even small, possibly demanding too much of myself. But during competition, I manage to relax a little bit and really enjoy 2nd part of the competition when I won pure eco task. I won 3 tasks.”
Big congratulations to all the pilots for their excellent results.
We are pleased to see Ozone TriOx’s debut in classic competition. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Two trike tandem teams were using TriOx 38 finishing on the 2nd and 3rd place in the Competition:

Vincent Beutter / Pascal Malochet – 2nd
Christophe Gloriant / Sigrid Sigorel – 3rd
Photos: Marie Chapacou, Alain Fremond, Pascal Malochet, Marie and Alex Mateos
Ozone Team pilot, Alex Mateos @mateosalexandre flying his Freeride during the Coupe Icare 2018

Clip by @emiliaplak

Emilia Plak saltando de isla a isla

November 21, 2014

En busca constante de aventura y de retos, la piloto del equipo Ozone Emilia Plak tuvo la idea de hacer un vuelo sobre el mar volando de la isla de Menorca a la de Mallorca. A finales de septiembre, una... Para saber más

Dunas del desierto

July 22, 2014

Combinar el paramotor con otros deportes puede lograr que ambas disciplinas resulten más divertidas e interesantes.   Lord Maude Visionary Film Worx produjo recientemente un cortometraje en cooperación con “Just Gas it”. En él, la piloto del equipo Ozone Emilia Plak... Para saber más

Emilia Plak y Mathieu Rouanet en Myanmar

April 22, 2014

En diciembre de 2013, los pilotos del equip Ozone de paramotor, Mathieu Rouanet y Emilia Plak, visitaron Myanmar, donde volaron en algunas zonas preciosas, entre ellas los mundialmente famosos templos de Bagan, una antigua ciudad ubicada en la región de... Para saber más

Ozone da la bienvenida a su equipo a Pal Takats

March 16, 2014

Nos alegra anunciaros que nuestro amigo Pal Takats se ha unido al equipo Ozone. Pal es joven, pero ya ha sido tres veces Campeón del Mundo y es uno de los pilotos con más talento de la historia del parapente,... Para saber más