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Speedster 19m Available for Order

marzo 12, 2012

In the wake of the Speedster’s success, we have received a lot of demand from experienced PPG pilots for a smaller sized version of this successful wing. The new 19m Speedster has EN load test certification (no flight tests) and  delivers even more speed and agility than the larger sizes.

The 19m Speedster is meant for experienced PPG pilots who are looking for a quick, agile wing with a high top speed. The 19m size retains all of the positive launch and handling characteristics of the larger sizes, with good comfort and stability in flight.

Ozone Team Pilot, Mathieu Rouanet, says: “The Speedster is currently my wing of choice for most days of flying. It has excellent speed – it’s the fastest PPG wing that I have flown – but at the same time it has great agility and an easy launch. So it is a perfect blend of reflex stability, high speed, and Ozone ease of use. It is also good for a lot of pilots. I would feel comfortable giving the certified sizes of Speedster to beginner-intermediate pilots and also to experts who want a fast wing that is easy to launch. The Speedster 19 is the size that I am flying for many slalom events and competitions – the higher wingloading allows me to pull high speed turns and the overall stability of the wing is great in accelerated trim. The 19m is recommended just for experienced pilots.”