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das Roadster 3 Video ansehen

May 26, 2019

Check out the latest Ozone paramotor video featuring the Roadster 3... weiter lesen

Dream the Dream You Want to Live!

January 28, 2019

Dream the Dream You Want to Live!! Enjoy the latest production of our friends from Aviator PPG! There is not age for dreaming. There is not age for flying. See you out there ... weiter lesen


March 1, 2018

Hier ist ein kurzes Video mit unseren OZONE Team Piloten Guiseppe Jo, Emilia Plak und dem Ozone Freeride – wir fliegen im wunderschönen Neuseeland. Viel Spaß beim Anschaun! ... weiter lesen

Das offizielle Produktvideo zum KONA

May 1, 2017

Der KONA basiert auf über einer Dekade unserer Erfahrung im PPG Flügel Design, und ist in unserer OZONE Produktpalette der perfekte Schirm für Anfänger-Intermediate PPG Piloten, die sich einen Schirm wünschen, der im freien Flug heraussticht. Er basiert auf... weiter lesen

“On top of the World 🌎” .
By @jacques._.erasmus
Nico Aubert @nicoaubert10 takes is for a ride during the Spanish Slalom Open celebrated in Bornos. Nico finished second flying his Freeride 14.
Big Congratulations to the Ozone Team for taking the podium of Spanish Slalom Open Championships which took place last few days in Bornos, Spain. This was one of the biggest slalom competitions of the season with 49 pilots competing from 9 different countries with 7 tasks flown.
Alex Mateos @mateosalexandre won flying the Freeride 14 followed by Nicolas Auberts @nicoaubert10 , also flying the Freeride 14 in 2nd place overall. Alex says: “Everything went well, the training of this year paid off. I wish we could have flown more tasks but the results are there, so I'm very happy!” The big surprise came from new Ozone Team pilot Bartek Nowicki who finished 3rd overall.
After flying Dudek for many years, polish pilot Bartek decided to change to the Ozone Freeride this season. It is a completely different wing to fly, requiring a different technique and style and despite a minimum of training he managed to win the Polish Slalom Championships earlier this year. Thank you Bartek.
Marie Mateos - the only girl amongst the top level pilots displayed her class once again, leaving behind many pilots who can only dream of getting to her level!
Maries says: “This is the first time for me that I am so close to the podium in slalom competition. I am very happy with this result, especially with 7 valid tasks where I finished 4 times in the 3rd position. Nevertheless, I think with more training I can get the podium next time”. Go for it Marie! @marie_mateos
Photos: Piotr Gelo

Speedster 2 – das offizielle Produktvideo

February 22, 2017

Uns war völlig klar, dass es keine leichte Aufgabe werden würde, unseren kultigen Speedster zu ersetzen. Nun, nach jahrelangen Tests, freuen wir uns ankündigen zu können, dass der Speedster 2 jetzt erhältlich ist. Dieses rundum neue Design hat sich... weiter lesen

VIPER4 – das offizielle Produktvideo

January 18, 2017

Schau dir das neue Viper 4 Video an, und erfahre alle Details vom Design Team und den Team Piloten. Die Viper 4 ist unser PPG Wettkampfschirm. Er ist speziell für fortgeschrittene Piloten entwickelt worden, und auch nur für solche... weiter lesen

INSPIRED – Inspiriert

December 26, 2016

"Our sport has grown and developed in ways that no one could have imagined just a few years ago. Everything that we love about free flight has evolved from the same roots, yet now we have the opportunity to... weiter lesen

Ozone Slalom Steuerungs-System (Video)

June 30, 2016

Alex Mateos beschreibt sein Design: "The Ozone slalom steering system is a safe way to control direction whilst accelerating along the course. The AM steering system will require a certain amount of time to learn the correct movements but, once... weiter lesen