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Ric Womersley gewinnt die Britischen Meisterschaften!

Juli 13, 2021

Die British Open PPG Championships2021 haben vom 8.-10.Juli in Winglands Airfield, Lincolnshire stattgefunden.

In der Championship Klasse sind 13, in der Discovery Klasse (eine Art Wegbereiter zum Wettkampffliegen) 7 Piloten an den Start gegangen.

Ric Womersley gewann den Meistertitel 2021 mit seinem Speedster 3, und hat uns Folgendes berichtet:

“The British Open Paramotor Championships follows an endurance format where tasks are briefed at the start of the competition and then we have flying windows throughout to complete as many of these tasks as possible. 

We had a total of 14 hours of flying windows plus a limited fuel FAI triangle task, 4 spot landings and 4 skittle landings. 

With 16 hours of competition flying over 3 days, this was definitely the most flying I have done in any one competition. Flying throughout the day in some very active skies the Speedster 3 performed impeccably. Its speed and stability allowed me to focus on completing as many tasks as possible, covering over 600 km during the competition. The Speedster’s precise handling and incredible glide meant I hit every spot and scored on all of the skittle landing tasks which also won me the precision trophy” 

Glückwünsche vom gesamten Ozone Team!

Photos: Neil Forster