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„Next Level Abenteuer“: 1600 km XC in Brasilien

Dezember 13, 2018

Die beiden Piloten Kester Haynes (Ozone Freeride) und Daniel Rodriguez (Ozone Roadster 3 26) hatten 2018 einen XC Flug über 10 Tage geplant mit dem Ziel, eine Route für das Icarurs Trophy Race 2019 zu entwickeln. Sie sind insgesamt eine Strecke von 1600 km geflogen, und hatten eine Supporter-Gruppe am Boden mit drei Allradautos dabei. Kester beschreibt es kurz als „Next Level Abenteuer“ und berichtet uns:

“Daniel and I set off on our mission with all the kit we would expect an Icarus Trophy pilot to carry, its heavy! Although we would be carrying everything as if unsupported – Race Class style – we had made pre arranged meeting points with our ground crew, more like Adventure Class.

The landscape, terrain and fuel availability for the first couple of days, was a gentle warm up. Then leaving the hills behind, comes the Pantanal – the World largest tropical wetland area. This is where you feel like you’re entering another world. I never could have imagined what it felt like to fly over this wild and difficult place! To try to put the remoteness of the landscape into perspective, we often flew for a couple of hours and then the support cars had to take a 14 hours route!  Apart from my brain continuously trying to figure out how we would run the Trophy here, the overriding fact I couldn’t get over was how the Paramotor is simply the best way the explore this stunning place.

Only a couple of hundred Kilometres in, you start to feel a huge sense of freedom and remoteness. Only passing the occasional farm, the wild stretches in-between are crowded with wildlife, most of which would not be friendly companions to be grounded alongside!

On a couple of legs crossing the Pantanal, we knew we would not have any support from our ground crew. I think I can speak for both pilots when I say these legs were the best. Being self-sufficient was a great feeling, carrying everything you need to survive with your own aircraft, as well as added pressure of knowing you can make very few mistakes in order to make it out of there alive!

Leaving the Pantanal behind and entering more familiar territory of farmland, we B-lined for Benito, were we will be hosting the finish line ceremonies. This was yet another complete shock to the senses, we ended up in the middle of a Lasso competition. Cowboys and cowgirls everywhere, banging music, and one mega party!…The Pantanal is defiantly a next level adventure”

Ein Cheers vom gesamten Ozone Team.