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Pasquale gewinnt zum dritten Mal die Italienischen Meisterschaften

Mai 30, 2017

Die Italienischen Meisterschaften fanden vom 17. – 21. Mai 2017 am Flugfeld in Benevento statt. Hier konnten sich unsere Ozone Team Piloten an die Spitze fliegen: Pasquale Biondo siegte mit seiner neuen Viper 4 18, und Sandro Passeri sicherte sich den zweiten Platz – ebenfalls mit seiner Viper 4 18.

Pasquale berichtet uns: “The weather conditions have been unstable with strong winds and even rain, but the organization managed to run several tasks such as precision take off, spot landing, pure economy and different navigation tasks”

Other Italian pilot, Aurelio Tonchei, who flew Viper 4 20 in this competition reports:  “I flew Ozone Viper 4 20 and I had a perfect feeling with the wing during the race. It’s extreme easy inflation undoubtedly helped in the take-off and landing in all task during the competition. Part of the race took place in strong weather conditions, and here the Viper 4 was very good and I felt safe. The use of the speed system is comfortable and light, giving lots of extra speed when you need it”

Glückwünsche vom gesamten Ozone Team!