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Ozone Piloten holen sich Gold bei den Französischen PPG Champs

Juni 7, 2012

Die Französischen National PPG Meisterschaften sind zu Ende gegangen, und Ozone Piloten holten sich bei 4 von 5 Events Gold.
-Alex Mateos: wurde mit seinem Viper 2 20m Französischer Paramotor Meister 2012.
-Coralie Mateos: wurde mit ihrem Speedster 19m Französische Paramotor Meisterin der Frauen 2012. Coralie hat sich diesen Titel nun schon zum 3ten mal geholt!
-Yann Leudiere: wurde mit seinem Speedster 33m Französischer Paramotor Champion 2012 für fußgestartete Tandems.
-Christophe Charon: wurde mit seinem Speedster 33 Französicher Vizemeister, fußgestartete Tandems.
 -Jeremy Lecourt: wurde mit seinem Viper 27m Französischer Paramotor Champion 2012, Solo Trike.
Hier ist ein zusammenfassender Bericht  von Mathieu Rouanet:
„The Ozone Team won 4 gold medals on 5 podiums. I should point out that the Mateos family finds themselves with more and more gold in their hands… this is the second National Title for Alex (he also won in 2010) and the third for Coralie (2009 and 2010 already). We had excellent weather all week, allowing us to have tasks for all categories of paramotor competition, including “Mania” and Precision Landings, Speed / Navigation tasks, and Regulation / Economy tasks.
The battle for first place was intense, and unsure until the last second. Alex and Pascal Vallee both flew amazingly in the Championship. At the end, Alex was only a hair ahead of Pascal. Alex is very happy with his Viper, and enjoys it in all types of flying. There are no negative points, he says, allowing him to excel in every area of the competition.
Coralie chose to fly the Speedster 19m, relying on the speed and agility for the slalom tasks. She said that having such high confidence in the wing allowed her to really focus on her flying without having to worry about the stability of the wing. The Speedster really is built for a wide range of pilots, and is even used by the Annecy Paramotor, Courant D’Ailes, and Orleans Paramotor schools in their training program! (http://www.annecyparamoteur.com/, http://courantdailes.free.fr/, and http://www.orleansparamoteur.com/). It’s incredible that it’s used in schools, and also at top level competitions.
Yann also chose the Speedster for his tandem flying due to its ease of launch (Even though the 33m is a very small size for PPG tandem) and its amazing speed when untrimmed and accelerated. Also, he prefers to use an easy wing for tandem flying, he says. His main competitor, Christophe Charon, had already won the same title last year with the Speedster 33m.
Jeremy Lecourt began to fly in the solo trike class only 2 months ago, and is now French champion. He chose the Viper due to its speed and ease of launch, which he says is crucial when flying trikes. Also, he says it is hard to find a wing with good agility for “mania” tasks, alongside high efficiency for the economy tasks.”
Danke für den Bericht, Mathieu! Wir hier von Ozone möchten gerne an alle Piloten, die unsere Schirme geflogen sind einen herzlichen Glückwunsch senden. Wir freuen uns sehr über so viele lächelnde Piloten auf dem Siegertrepperl in Frankreich und auf der ganzen Welt!
Cheers vom gesamten Team und „happy motoring!“