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New Ozone Paramotor t-shirt

We are happy to announce that there is a new t-shirt in Ozone clothing range designed for paramotor pilots.

The new Ozone T-shirt line is made from 100% organic cotton. This new fabric is soft and supple, washes well over time.  

To order this t-shirt, contact Ozone distributor in your country.

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The Sirocco 3 new video

The Sirocco 3 is the light version of the Speedster 3 but offering improved levels of performance, agility and speed in a lightweight, compact package. Designed predominantly for long distance PPG XC flights for intermediate to advanced level pilots, it is a fun, dynamic and versatile wing that is also perfect for low level carving, slalom flying and as a lightweight travel companion

More info about Sirocco 3 on a product page here

Speester 3 Bericht im XC Mag

In der Februar/März Ausgabe 217 des Cross Country Magazins wurde ein Artikel von Lawrie Noctor über den Speedster 3 veröffentlicht.

Lawrie sagt über den Speedster 3: “I can only liken this glider to something like an Audi RS6: fast, stable, sleek and with of control throughout the speed range”

Hier kannst du den Artikel lesen.

Paragliding über dem Palmbrunnen in Dubai

Vielleicht hast du schon einmal von tanzenden Springbrunnen gehört, aber hier geht es darum „mit“ Springbrunnen zu tanzen! Die Gleitschirm Profis Horacio Llorens und Rafael Goberna mussten an ihre eigenen Grenzen gehen, damit ihnen dieser spektakuläre Flug in Dubai gelungen ist.

Horacio Llorens und RafaelGoberna haben sich für diesen außergewöhnlichen Shoot zusammengetan um die Schönheit des Palmbrunnens, der größten Wasserfontäne der Welt, in Dubai zu präsentieren, was ihnen richtig viel Spaß gemacht hat:

As expected, the final outcome was a whole lot of fun, not to mention the capture of some spectacular content. Llorens and Goberna donned special paramotors to take to the sky; gliding between the fountain’s jets of water that were so close they could feel them!

“All the projects have different approaches. Sometimes you get inspired by something spectacular; other times you get contacted about an amazing location where the potential is huge,” explains Llorens. “This was the case with The Pointe and Atlantis The Palm. When we went last December for the location check, and they showed us the area and the fountains, I said: ‘We have to make it happen, this is the best ever place for a night shoot project!’”

The project was managed and sponsored by Red Bull UAE.

Read an article on Red Bull web site here

All photos by Naim Chidiac and Red Bull UAE

Tucker Gott über den Mojo Power 2

Der bekannte YouTuber und große Ozone Fan Tucker Gott teilt seine ersten Eindrücke, während er mit dem Mojo Power 2 24 fliegt.

Im Video sagt er: “There is something about flying a Mojo, it is just so easy, so stable, so slow and relaxed… What makes the Mojo so special, a lot of it has to do with it’s just passive safety, collapse-wise  it just wants to fly, it wants to re-inflate and fly and send you on your marry way…

The Mojo is not the wing, which is going to win an Icarus Trophy X-Country Race or slalom competition, but it is likely the wing that you will take your first steps into the sky under. When you take off for the first time and you are scared, your brain is pegged out, you don’t know your lefts from your rights, and your ups from your downs, this is a wing you want to be under to keep you safe. And, even if you are not a beginner, it is a fun glider for an advanced pilot to get on and throw around”

Spanische Piloten testen den neuen Speedster 3 bei langen XC Flügen

On the October 18, two Spanish pilots Alex Pujol and Xavi Arellano from the Paramotor Barcelona club made one of the largest cross country flights ever made in Spain crossing the country from the south coast to the north in just one day! 

Xavi and Alex took at 8.30 am from Zumaya (Gipuzkoa), flew 440 km, 7 h 11’ with two refueling stops and landed in Cubelles (Barcelona). 

The first part of the flight was 180 km and 2h 45 min pleasant with calm weather conditions and tail wind, the cruising speed was 65-75 km/h. They set a course to Ustárroz crossing all the Basque Mountains, next to Murillo de Gallego where they landed to get more fuel. 

The next goal was Lleida, the Volager paramotor school, where they made the 2nd refueling stop after 170 km.  Last leg was the most difficult because of thermal conditions but at around 17.15 they made it to the final goal – Mediterranean coast. 

Several colleagues from the Paramotor Barcelona club were waiting for them on the beach at Cubelles, including Armand Rubiella, the boss of Paramotor Barcelona club and their main supporter. 

Alex was flying new Ozone Speedster 3 20 and Xavi Ozone Sirocco 2 19. 

On the same day, another Spanish pilot and also from Paramotor Barcelona Club –   Lluis Rojas  – flew nonstop 303 km FIA triangle with the new Speedster 3 26. He took off at 8 am from Paramotor Barcelona Club to fly 5 hours and 27 min with an average speed was approximately 56,07 km/h. The aim was to fly as fast as possible so he used all trimmer range all the route. Lluis says: “Speedster 3 is an ultimate wing to make long distance flights! I flew all the time at full speed trim, and more than half time add the full speed bar. The wing is fast and very stable! A great pleasure to fly.  Impossible try to do this flight with another wing!!”. 

What a great test of the new Speedster 3! 

Big Congratulations from all the Ozone Team 

Marie und Alex Mateos gewinnen die Französische Meisterschaft 2020

Die Französische Meisterschaft 2020 fand Anfang Oktober in Blois statt. Trotz der Einschränkungen durch die Pandemie und sehr windigem Wetter sind die Piloten 8 Durchgänge geflogen. Marie Mateos flog mit dem Thor 200 und der Viper 4 16, und führte den gesamten Wettkampf hindurch. Ihr stärkster Teil dabei: „Economy“.Alex flog mit dem neuen Polini Thor 202 und der Viper 4 16, gewann den letzten Landewettbewerb, und überholte Marie mit nur 0,25 Punkten!

Alex sagt: “Marie was the first but, on the last task, which was a bowling landing Marie pushed 3 and I pushed 5, which puts me in front of her at 0.25 points, the margin is very small!  I am happy to win the French Champion title again but, at the same time, I am a little sad, because I think Marie deserves this first place more than me!”   

Marie sagt: “I definitely need to practice precision landing in strong winds! I hope in the next French Championships 2021 I have a big chance to be the first!”

Glückwunsch vom gesamten Ozone Team. 

Lubos Halama wins Czech Slalom Championships!

Czech Open Slalom Championships took place in Hustopece, near Brno, Czech Republic from 9 to 12 September. 17 Czech and foreign pilots were competing in class PF1, including 2 top Ozone top pilots Bartosz Nowicki (POL) and Lorenzo Mallegni (ITA) Pilots flew 20 slalom tasks and Lubos (flying Freeride 14) was a leader from the start, following closely by Bartek. In the finals, Lubos defended his first position winning two tasks but unfortunately, Bartosz lost his 3rd position to his polish teammate Marcin Bernat. All pilots show amazing performance in this very radical and technical competition. Congratulations from all Ozone Team!

New Mojo Power 2 video

We are happy to present Mojo Power 2 video.

Mojo PWR 2 is an EN-A certified, non-reflex, versatile wing for both free flying and powered flight. It is suitable for students in training but ideal for the newly qualified. It is reliable and dependable, perfect for pilots who require an easy, safe and solid wing for their first 100s hours of paramotor experience as well as paragliding ridge soaring, thermalling and XC flying.

For more, visit Mojo Power 2 web page