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Valentin Rousset

Valentin was born and grew up near Lyon, France. Now he lives in the South of France and supports the Ozone R&D team as a harness and accessories designer together with Sam Jobard.

In 2017, a close friend taught Valentin how to fly, he was 20 then. 

“I used to hike, run, ski, climb in the French Alps. I love to be outside, having fun with friends and beautiful landscapes around me.

Flying was the logical next step, to get a new point of view. Flying is another dimension to  explore, that offers new opportunities for adventure
I also like tinkering, learning new things and doing things by myself. ”

Some of Valentin’s adventures: 

Hiking Lofoten archipelago in Norway

Sleeping at the summit of “La Meije” with my DIY sleeping bag

Skiing the “Mont Blanc”