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The Delta has directly benefitted from technological gains made in the OZONE Performance Research Project and our open class series of wings. Our mission to accomplish with the Delta was to absolutely maximize performance in the C class by focusing on efficiency gains that do not sacrifice safety. An added benefit of this was that we were able to retain stunning agility and handling that will satisfy even the most demanding pilots.  An all new airfoil inspired by the World Cup Winning OZONE BBHPP and made possible by advances in our design software has created what we think is the cleanest and most advanced ever in the sport class. The performance of the Delta will set a new standard in its class.


We test our wings in the turbulent, difficult conditions of the Southern French Alps, and the Delta’s performance in active air has exceeded even our highest expectations. Expect the Delta to take you on stable, efficient glides over hostile terrain, and to bring you to cloudbase even in disorganized and turbulent thermals. True Performance is our quest, and in the Delta this means a speed range that is fully usable in real conditions. Ultra-smooth Ronstan pulleys make engaging the speed bar, and maintaining pitch control via the bar, a pleasure in active air. Leading edge reinforcements have created a solid and stable feel in turbulence, even in accelerated flight.


The easiest way to improve the performance of a wing in any category is to increase the aspect ratio to a point that is just below the maximum that will support the flight tests. This is exactly what we did not do. Increasing the aspect ratio too much instantly leads to issues with handling and passive safety, as the wing becomes more difficult to manage and less likely to recover well from incidents.

The Delta’s aspect ratio is a very reasonable 5.85. However, the performance of the Delta is at the absolute top of the C class, thanks to advances in internal construction and profiling from our groundbreaking BBHPP and now the R10 Series.


The efficiency of the Delta was achieved through the same obsession that put OZONE at the top of the Paragliding World Cup. Mantra R10 style mini ribs at the Delta’s trailing edge and a new internal structure to support the advanced line plan have resulted in a huge reduction of parasitic drag, which is the enemy of glide and speed. An amazing 33% reduction of overall line drag has enabled a totally free performance increase, and put the Delta way ahead of the competition in terms of glide and speed. Also, adjustments in planform working in combination with a carefully moderated sail tension have increased the roll stability for added comfort in gliding flight.


Due to the fact that the aspect ratio has not been stretched beyond the comfort level and the Delta’s sail tension has been carefully moderated, the handling and agility of this wing must be experienced to be believed. We have never flown a wing with such a satisfying and surprising combination of performance and handling. It’s just a fact that typical performance gains come at the expense of handling, however the regions of performance that we have focused on with this wing have not reduced the overall handling or agility. If you are searching for an agile and fun-to-fly C Class wing that will take you further than anything else available, then the Delta has what you need.


Sport Class pilots who are looking for maximum performance in the C class with no compromise in passive safety or agility will feel at home on the Delta. The Delta’s outstanding stability and collapse resistance at speed makes it perhaps our best example of ‘True Performance’. Overall, the Delta’s accessibility, high performance, and stability in accelerated flight make it the perfect machine for serious XC flying, in real conditions.


Delta Colour Options


Your OZONE wing is delivered standard with the following accessories:

You may choose to add something to your order, such as: Saucisse Bag (video) (concertina packing bag), Glider Backpack, Easy Bag (quick stuff sack), or OZONE Clothing and Accessories.


Number of cells 58 58 58 58 58
Projected area (m2) 18.9 20.7 22.4 24.4 26.9
Flat area (m2) 21.9 24 26 28.3 31.1
Projected span (m) 9.12 9.54 9.93 10.35 10.87
Flat span (m) 11.33 11.86 12.33 12.86 13.5
Projected Aspect Ratio 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4
Flat aspect ratio 5.85 5.85 5.85 5.85 5.85
Root Chord (m) 2.44 2.55 2.66 2.77 2.91
Glider Weight *(estimated) 5.2* 5.4* 5.6* 5.8* 6.0*
In-flight weight range (kg) 55-70 65-85 80-100 95-115 110-130
* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.


  • Top Surface Cloth: Porcher 9017 E77
  • Bottom Surface Cloth: Dominico 30D MF (WR)
  • Rib cloth: Porcher 9017 E29
  • Upper lines: Edelrid 8000U-130/090/070/050
  • Mid lines: Edelrid 8000U-130/090
  • Lower Lines: Edelrid 6843-200 / 8000U-230/190/130




The all new Sport Class wing from OZONE Back to our roots with stunning agility and accessibility for all pilots in the C class due to a moderate aspect ratio – but at the top of the class in terms of performance, thanks to the latest developments in the Mantra R / BBHPP Performance Projects.


  • We have deliberately kept a moderate AR of 5.85. The risk of cravats, launch difficulties, recovery times after flying incidents, and the fact it is more demanding to fly in rough air with too high an aspect ratio are the factors which convinced us to stay reasonable.
  • Fortunately, we don’t need to push the AR because we have privileged performance technology which we have applied to design points which interfere less with passive safety.
  • Mantra R and M3 style mini ribs improve airflow on the trailing edge and reduce overall drag by a significant amount.
  • The Leading Edge is reinforced using construction similar to the R10. This reduces the weight of the glider and the LE, aids stability at speed, and helps ensure longevity of the wing.
  • The Delta is a hybrid 3 line design: through pyramidal ramification of the C/D rows, we have maintained the benefits of a 4 line design with perfect chord-wise stability, and no compromise in safety, with reduced line drag that is nearly identical to a total 3 line design.
  • Proof of this is a 33% reduction in drag, which is the greatest in-class improvement we have ever seen in our range! This free performance boost comes with zero reduction in safety: That is truly, ‘True Performance’.
  • New Software has made massive improvements in the generation of the canopy possible, with all surfaces ‘cleaner’ and more efficient.
  • Slim 12mm risers and Ronstan pulleys (used in the Mantra M3 and R10 series), for a pleasurably smooth acceleration.
  • Although the Delta has the same number of cells as the Addict 2, a specially designed internal structure has achieved ideal sail tension while reducing the amount of lines, and saving weight.
  • The Delta’s new profile was taken from the development of the BBHPP, which has proven itself on the World Cup to have greater performance and higher stability at speed.