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November 9, 2021

From January 15th to 21st the First Ozone Colombia Open will be held in Pie de Chinche. Continuing the legacy of the Ozone Chabre Open, this is a fun and educational event for pilots looking to hone their XC skills and experience the fun and excitement of competition flying, without the stress and pressure of an overly competitive environment. Legendary XC coach, Jocky Sanderson, will be on location along with a mentor pilot to be confirmed, give pre-task advice, and daily debriefings. With the focus being entirely on fun and learning, this is the perfect event for intermediate pilots who want to level up their flying. 

Entry is limited to EN C wings and below. 

Like the other spectacular events we have helped to create (Ozone Caribbean Open, Ozone Krushevo Open), this will be a professionally run competition organized by local experts. The Airnomads Team has a 12 year history of successful competitions, including 2 PWC, 2 Super Final PWC events, 2 British Opens, One FAI World Championship, and other international opens. 

This is a smaller than average event and slots are limited, so we recommend securing your place ASAP.  Register at:  https://airtribune.com/ozone-open-colombia/

Cheers from all the Team, we’ll see you in the tropics! 

WINTER IN COLOMBIA: A note from Lucho, comp organizer.

Over the past eleven years Colombia has become more and more popular with foreign pilots as a winter destination. The first reason is of course that during the northern hemisphere’s winter, Colombia experiences the best of our two summer seasons that we have here in the tropics. As the paragliding scene has developed here, a more important factor has emerged: The citizens of the Cauca Valley have come to embrace paragliding and its importance to the local economy. The influx of free flight visitors has greatly improved the economy. Cooperation between civil authorities and private enterprise has strengthened infrastructure and improved things for both the locals and visitors. Today Colombia and the Cauca Valley region is a destination not only because of excellent flying conditions, but also because it is recognized as a safe and culturally interesting place to visit. Brilliant natural landscapes, welcoming local people, and a thriving multi-ethnic society make this a wonderful place to visit. exploring natural marvels and exchanging the happiness of the multi-ethnic society. 

Colombia is more than a paragliding trip, is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and discover the real comfort of being welcome anywhere you go — it is a place to enjoy the air but, more importantly, a place to learn the meaning of simple life while you are on the ground.

Colombia will welcome you with wide open arms, come alone, with your family, or with your friends! If you are interested in different activities contact Airnomads Colombia: