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Ozone in Japan – The Video!

July 4, 2008

Following the Ozone Team’s journey to Japan in March and April of this year, here is a short film about our adventure. During the time we spent in Japan we met many local pilots at flying sites from Ibaraki to Mt Aso, and we’d like to thank everyone we met for the excellent hospitality they showed us.

The thermals and the clouds and the wind were awesome, but for us the flying was only a part of the adventure and not the sole purpose. Experiencing the culture and the locals, the landscapes and the food, learning a little about Japanese culture (sometimes via mistakes), and stopping occasionally to look closely at individual parts of the country rather than rushing through large parts of it; that is how we love to travel. Japan was full of amazing new images for our eyes and our cameras, in the air, in the cities, and often on the dinner table, we were constantly presented with awesome new experiences!

To see a larger or HD version, go to the Vimeo site: http://www.vimeo.com/1274201?pg=embed&sec=1274201&hd=1  


Edited by Loren Cox.

Camera by Loren Cox and Matt G.

Special thanks to Oka San and Maeda San of Falhawk International / Ozone Japan, and to all of the local pilots who helped us during the trip.

Cheers from all the Team, enjoy your travels!