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Felix Rodriguez Gets 149…

May 14, 2008

At the BaWue Airgames 2008 last week, in Oppenau Germany, Felix Rodriguez got out of a helicopter over the festival and immediately wound his ‘FLX pro model’ into infinite, and didn’t stop until he had run out of altitude and disappeared from the crowd’s view, behind a mountain! Unfortunately Felix’s jumpmaster didn’t spot the exit quite right, and the wind drift sent him 2km away from the festival into the mountains where he didn’t have altitude to keep going, but his onboard video camera counted 149 turns, and Felix reports that he could have kept going, almost infinitely!

The race is on! Only a few pilots report being able to maintain the infinite tumble for almost indefinite amounts of altitude, and now it seems the trick will be who can get the highest to begin the record attempts. Hopefully we won’t need to send Felix into outer space soon! 😉

Congrats Felix, it was incredible to see and we look forward to more

Felix and Dav have now finished the FLX acro wing and the Octane FLX Freestyle wing (LTF 2) for you to play with, so get out there and try one this spring!
Cheers from all the Team.