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The Ultimate (almost) Ozone Quiver

August 27, 2007

It used to be that 1 wing was all we needed. And it might still be that way, for some pilots. But with so many new designs branching out and so many exciting developments in our sport, more and more serious pilots are ending up with multiple gliders for the variety of conditions and situations.

Bruno Berti of Canada sent us a photo of his quiver, which includes a Bullet for speed flying, and Mantra for XC, a 6907 for Acro, and a Rush for ‘everyday’ flying. Not bad, Bruno! Of course, he is missing an Ultralite for hiking, and a Magnum for getting his friends airborne! Hopefully Bruno won’t take up paramotoring because after he gets his motor and a Viper into his car, there won’t be any more room for his girlfriend… although that might be ok because when it comes down to it, what’s really more important…? 😉

Send us a photo of your Ozone quiver, or tell us which Ozone wing is your favorite, and why. The best photo of an Ozone quiver or description of your favorite Ozone wing wins an Ozone Skyvest! Send to: [email protected] (all emails must be under 1mb in size, deadline October 31 2007)
Cheers from all the Team!