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Congratulations to the Amazing Pilots in the X-Alps Race!

August 8, 2007

The 2007 Redbull X-Alps Race has now finished.

Of the 5 Ozone Pilots in the race, 3 have finished in the top 10! Congrats to all of the athletes, and a personal thanks to Aidan Toase, Julien Wirtz, Ulric Jessop, Peter Rummel, and Dimitris Bourzanis, who flew special lightweight Ozone wings in this event.

The X-Alps Race is an amazing journey that is well in line with the Ozone philosophy of fun and adventure, and although it’s hard to not think about the results and the speed that pilots traveled over the course, we firmly believe that the most important part is getting out there and experiencing our amazing planet in a way that only paraglider pilots can, and vol-bivouac adventure flying is one of the best ways to do this.

Of course it’s even better when we can do this with our friends, and while we were tracking the pilots in the race it gave us great pleasure to see that they were sometimes hiking, resting, or flying together. To be with friends on an adventure such as this is a special thing, and to go it alone can be an intense experience as well.

A heartfelt congrats to everyone who participated, and to the supporters of the athletes, who put up with a lot during the trans-alpine journey!

Cheers from all the Team! And for more info about the Ozone Pilots in this event, check out www.OzoneXalps.com