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ULTRALITE: Still the World’s Lightest Paraglider!

July 31, 2007

Other manufacturers have tried to match the Ultralite’s ultra-low weight, yet it remains the lightest DHV certified paraglider in existence.

The Ultralite was designed especially for use as an alpine and travel wing, with an emphasis on light weight and ease of use. It packs so small that it can easily fit in your carry-on luggage when traveling on the airplane, or in the bottom of your suitcase on a business trip. And the price is so low, that you basically have no excuse to not own one! With it’s small size, low weight, and low price, everyone should always have an ultralite with them at all times, because you never know when you might need one 😉

The 23m and 25m sizes are both DHV certified 1-2. The 23m size is only 2.85kg, and has a max certified weight range of 90kg! Because the wing and the Oxygen1 harness are so light, this means that the 23m size is ideal for pilots with a body weight of up to approx. 85kg. The 25m size has a max certified weight of 105kg, for pilots of up to almost 100kg body weight.

The Ultralite is still very new, but we’ve received a lot of great reports back from pilots all over the world, and we’ve barely been able to keep up with the demand for this wing. The most popular comment is that pilots are continually surprised by the excellent performance of the Ultralite. It’s sink rate and Glide are excellent for such a light and simple design, and the Ultralite probably launches easier than any other 1-2 wing in existence.

For Alpinists and pilots who are serious about weight, we offer the UL19. At only 2.5kg, the UL19 is the choice of the world’s most hardcore hike and fly pilots.

For now, thanks to all of you who have experienced the Ultralite, and good luck to all of the competition… which is still behind!

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Cheers from all the Team!