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Buzz Z – The True 1-2

June 5, 2007

The feedback is still rolling in, and we’re very happy to hear it. Keep it coming, and keep sending us news about your flights and adventures!

We’re always happy when we get what we want, and what we wanted from the Buzz Z was a true mid-range DHV 1-2 glider that pilots of all abilities can fly XC comfortably on, that beginners can handle, and that everyone enjoys. According to what we’ve heard in the past 2 months, we’ve hit the mark.

The Buzz Z is now available in all 6 sizes, including XS.

Custom Weight Ranges! The 6 sizes of the Buzz Z mean that you can choose the wing that is the perfect size for your in-flight weight. Flying your glider at the correct weight is one of the most important factors for fun and safety, so think about it carefully and be sure to choose the wing that fits you best. With the 6 sizes of the Buzz Z, this task becomes much easier. It’s like having a glider that was custom made for your weight!

Enjoy the start of summer and cheers from all the team, we’ll see you out th’air…