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August 19, 2018

The next World Cup will take place in Sopot, Bulgaria 19/08/2018 – 25/08/2018.

The competition will be based in the small town of Sopot which nestles at the foot of the southern slopes of Stara Planina, the longest mountain range in the Balkans. The range runs for 560km, crossing Bulgaria from its western border all the way to the Black Sea in the east. Sopot is in the middle of the massif. With southerly winds, the entire ridge works very well!
You can also head off into the flatlands and explore. Apart from the main ridge, the surroundings are flatlands. On good days, 100km out-and-returns and triangles are regularly flown.

Yassen Savov, described Sopot as ‘a huge south facing site, it always works, it’s an amazing place, powerful mountains, the flats always work, everything works really well, it’s fantastic. I love the mix.’  He likened Sopot to Krusevo and Roldanillo, but with bigger mountains and slightly stronger and rougher thermals.
This World Cup, and the one in Aksaray in Turkey (8 – 15/09/2018) are the last chance for pilots to earn a place in the Baixo Guandu Super Final in March 2019.

Don’t forget to keep up with what promises to be another great competition via the live Commentary and tracking and watch some amazing footage and pilot interviews on World Cup TV at pwca.org

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Photo courtesy of Yassen Savov