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Another week, another record for Yassen

August 21, 2017

After beating the Bulgarian free distance record, Yassen was still hungry for more. Last week, he went for a new triangle in his homeland. In his own words:

“Since in the beginning of September we’re having the Bulgarian Nationals in Sopot, followed by a World Cup there next year, it was time for me to do a little terrain study. I want to be setting good, ambitious tasks at the comps at home and if possible winning them too. Both reasons to go practice, trying a triangle I had been thinking of for a while.
First 70km on the mountain face going east, technical but fast in the blue and into the headwind, then a 60% turn to the right and transition over the smaller ridge in front and into the flats beyond, again technical but even faster; then another 60% turn to the right and coming back to Sopot through similar terrain but greener, slower, much slower, about 60km of survival mode, low and slow, but not quite impossible, and finally back on the main ridge for some golden hour surfing of those woody ridges to extend that last leg another 10k west, and then back to base. Well, actually, I landed 3km short of Sopot, in the shooting range of the biggest military manufacturer in the country, as the setting sun was making the yellow grass fields and big ancient cannons and wooden boxes of ammunition glow golden, like my mood.
So finally, even with conditions far from perfect, I surprised myself with a triangle that was close to perfect, at least in its equilaterality – three 75km sides summed up to a 225km new record of the country.
Best thing about these recent records? They woke me up to what is really possible at home. And it’s significantly more than what I’ve done this summer.
To be continued next year:-)
p.s. If you want to check out the terrain for yourself, you can come to the Bulgarian Open this early September or the World Cup next August, both held in Sopot. I’ll be there too, still hungry”

Yassen flew his Enzo3.

For Yassen’s track Click here

Cheers and congrats from all the team at OZONE.