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Luc wins PWC France!

May 29, 2017

The first event of the 2017 World Cup took place in Coeur de Savoie, France. It came to a close on Saturday after six days of intense flying around the beautiful Savoie. It was a week with many kilometers flown – more than 600 in total!

Ozone’s own designer and team pilot, Luc Armant, led the competition from task one until the prize ceremony, taking first place overall. Congrats, Luc!

In Luc’s words:

“We’ve been very lucky with the weather, I have never seen 6 tasks in a row anywhere in Europe before. After eventually winning the first task by flying aggressively in front with out other strategy than following my instinct, then I focused on winning the competition and changed my strategy toward trying to keep the lead with out risking too much. I was helped by Russ and Hono’s advices and encouragements. In fact, I think I was also helped by everyone’s support after the first task.

After months of hard work on the Enzo 3, It was a big relief for our R&D team to see our pilots happy and performing well. Many of them had just received their wing one day before the competition but the wing was not more demanding than its predecessor. During this competition we flew in a great variety of conditions and in the end, I think the Enzo 3 has been rewarded for its overall agility, stability and glide.”

Ozone team pilots, Julien Wirtz, and Ulrich Prinz, finished second and third respectively. All were flying the new Enzo 3. Eight out of the top ten pilots were flying Enzo 3s.

The young Méryl Delferriere, just 17 years young, won the women’s category showcasing the power of the new generation. Meryl was flying her Zeno. In second place was Ozone team pilot, Seiko Fukuoka flying her Enzo 3, and Laurie Genovese took third, on her Zeno, for another all-Ozone podium.

Congrats to all of the pilots, and cheers from all the team at OZONE.

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Next stop: Serbia. Stay tuned.