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Kata Juhasz: New Female Record (Hungary)

May 23, 2017

Katalin Juhasz has just set a new female open distance record in her homeland, Hungary, with an amazing 215 km flight.

In her own words:”This season started slowly in Hungary, except for a few days, there were no great opportunities. The weather forecast was good for this day, so we traveled from Budapest to the 400m “high” Szársomlyó, which we call “mountain”. 300km by car, 1h walk to the mountain where 40 pilots were preparing to fly feverishly. In 2014 I set up a 122km Hungarian female record at a declared goal that I’d try again this day. I carefully wrote up: 130 kilometers . We were watching the air and at noon it seemed worth starting.

The first 70km flight was simple, with some members of the Hungarian national team, we managed to work together efficiently and quickly. The clouds were working as the textbook. Suddenly the clouds began to fall apart, so I got lower while the others kept their height. I had to decide and pulled away from my teammates alone in the direction of my goal. At this point a big cirrus took over shadowing the ground, I kept gliding forward until BOOM found my rescue lift! surprisingly I saw that my team approached me at high speed. From this point on, we went together again but we moved slowly. When I reached the 130 km I was at 1800m, it was 16:30 and it was overcast everywhere. That would be enough for me, from this point every km was a gift. We were very patient while helping each other.

Here, there was hope to reach the national open distance record, that until that day, was 169km. When I reached the 170km, I couldn’t believe it, I was extremely happy but very cold, tired and losing the focus, at this point I wanted to land. I switched to survival mode. The presence of my team mates helped. So we clung to each other, and we slowly keep moving on. The sunlight broke through the big cirrus touching the ground again, that was enough to let another small puffy cloud to form, support our survival mission and let us drift further, it was 18:15. The gps showed 200 km. I did not believe it. Danube, Europe’s second-longest river,was visible from a height of 1000m, which also meant the country border and the end of our flight. The last glide was about 10km and the three fighters flew a few kilometers along the Danube.

I did not expect this 215km even in my boldest dreams. I feel that the thousands of kilometers I have flown in the last 6 years were key to materialize this flight”

Kata flew her Zeno. To see her track, click here

Flying together with Kata, were her boyfriend Lóránt Falucskai and Attila Bereznay (Ata B) who close this epic day with a 215 and 216 km flight respectively. Both flew Enzo 2s.
To see Lóránt’s track, click here
To see Ata’s track, click here

Congrats to all, and Cheers from all the team at Ozone.”