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Spring has Sprung in the western USA

May 16, 2017

The 2017 season in the US has started with two amazing flights by two usual suspects.

On May 6th, Josh Cohn started the 2017 party with an impressive 164km flight in a rare location, taking off from the city of Vallejo north of the San Francisco Bay. He landed six hours later close to Merced, in the Central Valley of California. He shares his experience:

“it was an unusual forecast, with cold post-frontal air leaving little marine inversion. I thought we would fly straight East at first but that involved crossing a lot of swamp and the place we topped out put us closer to the SE line to cross toward Concord. We had to skirt the Concord airspace for a ways and got low. We got a save in the shady lee of some hills at Port Chicago. Eric Ams and I worked those hills toward Mt. Diablo but then he landed in Clayton. I then crossed the hills to the E low and followed a spine for a ways with a quartering SW tailwind until some birds showed a good climb and then it was on, fighting cold fingers and avoiding airspace in the San Joaquin valley until the sun got too low. On landing next to an orchard a very friendly family with women in prairie dresses showed me to their immaculate front lawn to fold up and offered to share their dinner. I declined because I knew Eric and Kurt would be there before I was finished packing up”

To continue the new season celebration, on May 13th, Nick Greece visited Nevada and set a new state record with a 278 km flight. After his seven hours flight he had just one thing to say: “Nevada holds 400 kms in it easy, I’m looking forward to getting back there”

Josh and Nick flew Zenos.

For Josh’s Track log clik here
For Nick’s Track log clik here

Congrats guys and let the party continues!