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February 4, 2017

Ozone Team Pilot, Pal Takats has just won the latest edition of the Aerothlon in Roldanillo, Colombia.

The Aerothlon is a race that mixes cross-country running, paragliding and mountain biking.
A 10-km trail run is followed by a 18-km XC flight and a 31-km mountain bike ride.

He reports:

“It was a cool event with the paragliding part being much more significant than in most other relay-type competitions we have seen before. Instead of top-to-bottom racing with 12m2 wings here we also had to cover a small cross country task. So after running up to the take-off of Los Tanques from the center of Roldanillo under burning tropical sun we had to launch as soon as possible having the race-clock running through. Thanks to the Zeno’s performance I only took 3 turns in a strong thermal right in front of launch and then surfed the optimal line under the clouds towards the turnpoints. Managed to arrive to the station of Roldanillo perfectly tight, just at 60 meters AGL so didn’t waste any time for landing and switched to the bike. The mountain bike route was not really technical but it was a 15 km mountain road ascend, partially pretty steep. The heat was killing me but luckily some volunteers were cooling me down by spilling fresh mountain water on my head. What a refreshment! Since I couldn’t be sure about my advantage after the flying part and since I knew that there are stronger biker athletes trying to catch up on me there was no time to rest. But I was able to keep my leading position all the way and win the individual category, and arrived right behind the top 3 relay teams. It was a funny feeling to cross the finish line riding a bike!
Thanks to Pablo Renato and all their helpers to organize this event!”

Congrats Pal from all the team at Ozone!