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From Canadian Pacific to Prairie

August 31, 2016

Ozone’s Benjamin Jordan has successfully completed the first paraglider journey from Canadian Pacific to Prairie, spanning all of Canada’s southwest mountain ranges.

He has this to share:

“I always knew someone would do it. I just never imagined it would be me.
The potential of paragliding over the entire span of Canada’s southwest mountain ranges, has been my great dream since moving out here 10 years ago.
And, though there are many other Canadian pilots more worthy of such a task, I discovered that for one reason or another, they all had logical reasons for why it could not be done.
Today, please celebrate with me as I walk to the Calgary MEC store, completing this 39-day, solo, unsupported journey from Vancouver to Calgary and the first Canadian vol-biv, from Pacific to Prairie.
More importantly, thank you all for your support and believing in me in general. The love you show makes impossible seem like an outdated concept”

Congrats Ben and cheers from all the team at Ozone!