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European Paragliding Championship 2016

August 27, 2016

The European Paragliding Championship 2016 in Krushevo, Macedonia has come to an end.

The event saw great conditions that allowed the pilots 9 days of racing! The Enzo 2 featured strongly in this competition taking the top ten and all the podium places.

In the end, our own Honorin Hamard of the Ozone R&D Team, current World Champion, and holder of 5 World records, took first overall. Hono continues his amazing and consistent path at the top of our sport. He now holds the European and the World Championship titles.

In Hono’s words:

“I am very satisfied to be the European Champion, we could believe that it is less good than World Champion last year, but not, it is also difficult to obtain it, seen the current level of all pilots.I am proud to obtain it after these amazing tasks, and a strong French team, fighting for all points and helping me in the various phases of the flight.Conditions of flight were very good. A panel of situations very varied with not a lot of top base at the beginning, to finish with strong conditions +7m/s in the flatland, so good. It was the place to be.
Thanks to Ozone for these beautiful Enzo2, the best glider ever !!!”

Ozone team pilot, Seiko Fukuoka finished the competition strongly to take the victory ahead of Laurie Genovese and former world champion Klaudia Bulgakow, all flying Enzo 2s. What was most impressive was how the girls not only mixed it with the boys, but actually beat them at their own game. The podium finishers beat the majority of the men and Claudia won an impressive task with hard gritty flying in strong conditions. Very impressive.

After her victory, Seiko now also holds both the European and the World titles. Congrats, Seiko!

She reports on the event:

“The beginning wasn’t that good for me, I never had such a bad start. I had a hard time reading the conditions  and  I bombed out half way to goal during the first task. Slowly through the competition I started to feel more connected with my flying and got along with Krushevo. I normally don’t check the final results but I received a lot of message for friends that kept me updated. In task 5 when things seemed to be improving for me I landed one kilometer short from goal. My mind set was off, and I lost concentration I thought this was the end for me. My mental trainer Thomas Theurillat contacted me and our session reminds me why I was there for: to enjoy flying, this helped me to change my focus and approach the competition on a joyful and less stress way. Four tasks later I was receiving the winner trophy with a smile on my face. Enjoy flying”

The Ozone family would like to send a hearty congratulations to Hono and Seiko and everyone who flew so well in this event. Thanks to you all for your commitment and passion – it inspires us!

In the Nations, Team France took first, followed by Germany and Italy.

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