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July 6, 2016

The Iberian Open, and second event of the Spanish nationals, has come to a close in Piedrahita Spain. Ozone team pilot and overall winner, Xevi Bonet reports:

“Piedrahita delivered consistent conditions every single day of competition with 7 valid tasks and more than 800 km flown.

We started on Day 1 with an ambitious task of 169 Km around La Sierra de Gredos. After 7 hours of flying the strong head wind and light thermic conditions forced us to land a few meters from goal.
On day 2 a nice 102km triangle with a difficult waypoint at El Parador Nacional de Gredos. 9 pilots in goal.
On day 3 with stormy conditions in the forecast we ran a short and fast task of 87 km with many pilots in goal.
The fourth task a 160 km route that started with windy conditions but from Avila things improved with 9 lucky pilots again in goal.
On day 5 an easy route of 115 km with big part of the gaggle in goal.
On day 6 a roundtrip of 118 km to Avila, due to strong wind in El Collado de Villatoro just 6 pilots made goal.
The last day a short task of 84 km along Piedrahita Valley, the flatlands flight wasn’t easy, 16 pilots in goal.

After 7 days of competition I ended up in the first place, followed by the young french pilot Teo Bouvard and Francis Reina. All flying Enzo 2s”

Full results can be found here

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE!