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Across the North Cascade Mountains

June 7, 2016

June 4th saw a group of courageous pilots dive deep into the North Cascade Mountains for the first ever crossing on a paraglider. While the 90km flight isn’t that grand on the world stage, the flight covered large portions of unlandable terrain, valleys filled with 200 foot old growth trees, a national park that is illegal to land in, and the potential for a 2-3 day hike out.

A total of 6 pilots completed the crossing all recounting their experience as “unforgettable” and “the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen”. The main gaggle of four pilots flew the route together, David Milroy flying an Enzo 2, Noah Briller on a LM5, Evan Bouchier on an M6, and Matt Senior flying an Alpina 2. Roy Morris and Joshua Hockett also completed the 5 hour epic, flying different lines by themselves fueled by the fact that they had friends leading the charge and that landing was not an option.

Congrats from all the team at Ozone for such an amazing flight!

(Thanks to our good friend Matty Senior for the report and photos)