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Austrian Open

June 2, 2016

The Austrian Open happened last weekend in Abtenau, Austria. The German league held their second and final comp for the German Championship at the same time, with 3 valid and good tasks.

Alex Schalber won the overall comp just with 1 point ahead of Christoph Eder to become the 2016 Austrian Champion.

Christoph Eder took 2nd, Jurij Vidic 3rd, Ferdinand Vogel 4th, and Martin Petz took 5th, all on Enzo 2s. The 5th place overall rank of Martin Petz was enough to become German Champion due to already winning the first part of the competition this spring, when he became Bavarian Champion. Women’s 1st place was taken by Yvonne Dathe and 3rd by Ewa Korneluk-Guzy, both flying M6s.

You can find full results here

Congrats and cheers from all the team!