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A “day off” for the team

June 1, 2016

Our R&D team flies every day that they can in and around the Ozone office in the South of France, which is very often thanks to the Mediterranean influence. Every now and then, especially in the springtime, they see a soaring forecast that is just way too good to only enjoy locally!

On Friday, May 20th, Luc and Honorin were heading to work when they realized that it was one of those strong and windy days, so they took a detour and ended up at Gourdon’s Launch. Luc had this to say about the day:
“This spring, we have had very few possible days for XC, overall it’s been very windy. OK windy for testing near Gourdon but not for XC, so we were a little greedy. That Friday we saw the first average XC day finally arriving so while most of the team went to work, Honorin and I escaped to score a 244K and 239K FAI triangle from Gourdon respectively”

After this flight, Honorin was still hungry! So on Saturday, May 21st, he refilled his camelback and returned to Gourdon’s launch. Even though the conditions looked far from perfect, he managed to fly an incredible 342 km! After 10 hours 53 minutes, he landed near Evian, on the edge of the Leman Lake in Switzerland.

He traversed the entire Southern Alps in one day! Check out his track log.

In Honorin’s words:
“The Weather forecast was not so good but I believed I could do it. My objective was Sallanches because my father was next to Samoens for a French competition for the weekend. I found light head wind until Grenoble and at this point I had big doubts but I saw the cloudbase at 3000m on Belledonne and kept going. Then only 5-10km/hour of South wind… it was a low average for the free distance but the convection stopped very late and I was able to land at 9 pm at Evian.. SUPER !!! I shared part of my flight with Damien Lacaze and Benoit Outters. Thanks to my father for the retrieve, So cool!”

Congrats, guys, for these amazing flights. Now, back to work!