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Opening Event of 2016 PWC – Castelo, Brazil

April 18, 2016

The first event of the 2016 PWC season has come to a highly successful close in Castelo, Brazil, after 7 full tasks. Klaudia Bulgakow reports:

Thanks to great conditions pilots were happy to race on seven tasks, each about 80 km long. Pilots got to discover new areas of Itapemirim region and fly more than 2000 meters over breathtaking landscapes of rounded top black mountains. Regardless that not many top pilots from Europe were present, the level of competition was very high. The race was hard and fast. One mistake would put one out of the chance to place well in day ranking. American pilots have shown impressive racing skills. Due to that, the difference in points was very small and till the last day no one was sure his position in the final ranking.

Finally, the competition was won Felix Rodrigues from Spain, who show impressive high level and even with not arriving to goal on one task (landed short by 2 km), he maintained the lead in the competition. Five points behind was OZONE pilot Lucas Bernardine (FR) on his Enzo 2 and third place, by five points behind Lucas, Frank Brown from Brazil. OZONE team newcomer Hernan Pitocco (ARG) have shown that he not only knows to fly acrobatics and cross but is extremely efficient in racing to, taking fourth place.

In the women’s division Keiko Hiraki from Japan maintained a constant strong lead over the rest of the field, winning almost all tasks. Second place was Italian Nicole Fedele and third place Polish Klaudia Bułgakow, all flying Enzo 2s.

Team OZONE with Keiko Hiraki, Lucas Bernardin, Andreas Malecki and Felix Rodriguez took first place in a tie with Team Gin.

New OZONE team member Cody Mittanck had this to say of the race:

You would think after 7 days of full-bore, pulley-to-pulley, adrenaline fueled racing the last thing I would want to do is go fly. But I always look forward to flying the day after a comp. It mollifies PCD (post comp depression; it’s a real thing!) and drains away all the residual stress. The contrast from the days before makes me appreciate how incredible it is just to soar around in the clouds with a paraglider. It has been a roller coaster week. Castelo produced 6 days of cracking conditions. The veterans tell me this is unprecedented consistency for this place. Racing at such an intense level, only halfway through the comp I had a feeling that we had already been racing for weeks on end but we still had 3 more days to go. I flew better than I ever have in a World Cup. Now that it’s over and I can finally exhale I’m looking forward to the next one.

You can read the rest of the great write up of his experience on his Facebook Page.

Follow the links for the full results and a daily blog of the comp by the PWC.

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE!