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Olivier Peyre to Reach Home Goal After 7+ Years

December 16, 2015

In 2008, French paraglider pilot, Olivier Peyre, left his home in France with the idea to complete a circumnavigation of the world, by land and sea, carbon free. Olivier rode his bicycle across Europe, through Africa, all around South America, through New Zealand and across Australia, and then all the way through Asia, the middle east, and Europe again. For the ocean crossings, Olivier hitched rides on sail boats. Check out the insane route here: http://www.enrouteavecaile.com. All along the way, Olivier had a trusty Ozone Ultralite with him on his bike, and he flew countless sites with pilots from all over the planet.

After pedaling and sailing for more than 7 years, Olivier is now on the home stretch, and is planning to roll into his front yard by the end of December.
For more info please see his website and his facebook page.

Cheers from all the Team Olivier, we look forward to seeing you back in France!