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Paragliding World Cup in Montalegre

July 20, 2015

The second leg of the Paragliding World Cup, which was held in northern Portugal in the town of Montalegre, finished Saturday. Portugal is famous for windy conditions, but this time surprised with three great days with low winds and a high cloud base. Unfortunately, the last days the strong winds returned making arriving to goal very difficult and resulted in a cancelation of two days.

During the comp, pilots flew tasks of 103.9, 82, 135.9, 77.7, and 106.1km. In the first three tasks many pilots made goal covering the course with plenty of speed; around 40km/h for the winner.

Honorin Hamard showed that he didn’t win the World Title earlier this year by accident, and after taking 3rd place in the first three tasks and flying well in the rest, he won the general ranking. French pilot Julien Witz took second place and Japan’s Yoshiki Kuremoto came in third, all flying Enzo 2s.

In the Women’s division, there was very close competition between Japan’s Keiko Hiraki and Poland’s Klaudia Bulgakow. They finished first and second respectively, with Italian Silvia Buzzi Ferraris taking third place. The podium was also all flying Enzo 2s.

The Ozone Team with Julian Wirtz, Honorin Hamard, Klaudia Bulgakow and Luc Armand won the team ranking.

You can view the full results on the PWC website.

Congrats to the team for the win and cheers from all of us at Ozone!