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Open Fai El Yelmo (Spanish League)

June 8, 2015

Our friends Xevi Bonet and Felix Rodriguez tell us that this past weeks Open Fai El Yelmo (Spanish League) in Jaén (Andalucia), south-central Spain, had some of the best conditions they’ve flown in the area. The contest had seven days of flying with five valid tasks in three different takeoffs, with cloudbase at 3,800 meters on some days. The conditions were so good for the second task, Felix, Francis Reina, Chechu Costa, and Xevi flew to the province of Toledo, 8 hours and 252 km away, after completing the task. Along with the tasks was a weekend festival featuring flying films, booths, acro demos, a paramotor contest and lots of engagement with the public.

The Open Class results saw Xevi Bonet winning the comp, with Francisco Reina, Felix Rodriguez, and Mika Diaz in the top 5 all on Enzo 2s.
See the overall results for more details.

Congrats from all the team!