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German XC Sports Class Won on a Delta 2 for Second Year

October 31, 2014

Last year, Uli Wiesmeier won the German XC Sports Class on his Delta 2. This year another living legend, Berni Koller, repeated this win on his Delta 2, which is a very rare event! Second place was sealed by Andi Egger on his Alpina 2.

Here is Berni’s take on the year:

Our fun to fly is all that counts!

For this year, we had in mind to go for XC flights. So we tried the triangle from the Nebelhorn. And we did it. Next time we tried the Osterfelder triangle. And I had always in mind, that a triangle is just an enjoyable triangle when it´s a closed and finished one. Maybe a bit old fashioned, but my personal most fun. Therefore I turned earlier than the rest of our group, but in the end I was the only one who came back to the point where we started from. I flew some km less, but I came back. Perfect!

In summertime, we went with Andi Egger, who is flying the Alpina 2 and became second this year, to Südtirol for a Hike & Fly adventure. Our pleasure!

Thanks to our reliable Ozone material it is possible to perform on our best levels and having much fun while doing so.
I had never in my mind to earn a title for my flights. Anyway, to get it this way is even more enjoyable.

So, for everyone: just get your glider and have fun with it. Everything else comes along on its own.

Congrats to the pilots from all the team, and thanks for sharing your adventures!