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Guillaume and Perrine, Around the World

August 23, 2014

Our friends Guillaume and Perrine are currently nearing the end of a year-long project to create a documentary film about human’s relationship to water. Their travels have taken them literally arund the world, and they are currently in Botswana, having just passed through Namibia. We will post more info about their project soon, but for now, a few words and photos, in Guillaume’s words:

“Pinned to the wall of my elementary school there was a poster of a paraglider flying over dunes in Namibia – this poster used to whisk me away into daydreams during class. It has taken 20 years to make this dream real, and the wait was worth it!

We started our adventure here in Namibia at a 70m high-dune near Swakopmund, to get into “wagga-mode”, and that led us to Sandwich Harbor. This remote place is accessible only by 4×4, and it’s simply magical. Imagine the desert running into the sea, and a succession of dunes over dozen of kilometers, in the middle of nowhere. We fly until sunset, on the soft sand and over the sea. But our guide, Axel Gruber, awakens us from our dreams, “We must come back before night and high tide, we don’t want to be stuck here!”

After that amazing day, we headed to Sossusvlei, this time by ourselves. The image of red dunes and these petrified trees is calling me, even if our chances to fly there are slim. But our optimism pays off. The wind, very strong in this narrow valley, calms down at sunset. We then fly over the red sand dunes and the endless desert. It’s a unique moment, we enjoy this unbelievable chance to be up there, above gemsbock, ostriches and springbocks and be, after 20 years, in the poster!”

More news here, and also here.

Cheers, from all the Team.