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Ozone Team In TX

July 8, 2014

The Ozone Team have now left Texas with the R&D Team returning to France and Charles and Seiko headed to Chelan to fly XC in the US Nationals. The team had a short window for their visit and only three flyable days. In those three consecutive days, they managed to get a lot done!

Nick Greece reports:
“The Texas encampment was an experience of a lifetime in many ways. We logged six 400+km flights and all together we flew over 4500km in three days. Bill Belcourt flew over 1000 km in three days! Luc Armant completed the 2nd longest flight in history at 463km, which is also a North and South American record. I had the longest flight of my life at 260 miles (419 km). We came up a bit short of the world record, but these flights will likely hold the national record for a short time. Here are a few photos from the days on the wing, and a link to the track. A huge thank you to all who made it happen, Vik Doddi, Ozone Paragliders, and Sarah Stobb-Galli.”