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Ozone Team in Texas

July 2, 2014

**Update: Day two, Russ Ogden broke 400km, landing near the town of Ozona, TX (seriously). Check out the tracklogs here (you can select “today”, “yesterday” or “week”).
**Update: On the first day of flying in TX, Luc Armant has set a North/South American distance record of 463km, on the first day of flying in TX. This is the second longest flight in history, after Nevil’s record in South Africa.
Stay tuned for more news.

The Ozone R&D Team are currently in Texas, flying a little cross country with some friends. After a few days of wind, a bit of rain, an intro to paraglider winch-towing, and a bit of Western culture, the team are now in the air! Check out their live tracking at this link, to follow their progress from today and previous days.

We’d like to send out a huge thanks to Nick Greece who has made all of this possible, and to Chris Galli and Bill Belcourt for additional guiding and support. The R&D Team were only able to get away from their normal tasks in France for a few days, so we are hoping for a bit of luck with the weather in this narrow window of opportunity.

We wish all the team the best of luck!
Cheers, from all the Team.