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Felix Wins Again, 21/25 Top Pilots Fly Ozone

June 28, 2014

The most recent PWCA event at Serra da Estrela has come to a close, with 21 out of the top 25 pilots all flying Ozone, and the top 5 spots all Ozone. Felix Rodriguez took first overall in this second consecutive PWCA overall win (he also won the most recent PWCA event at Couer de Savoie, France) and was joined on the podium by Julien Wirtz and Pepe Malecki.

Yvonne Dathe, of Germany, took 3rd place in the women’s division flying her Mantra M6.

Open results can be seen here.

Congrats Felix, and thanks to all of the Ozone pilots for the continued support. Cheers, from all the Team.

(photo courtesy of wind-cam)