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Dave Turner is Crossing the Alps, Twice

June 26, 2014

After completing the first ever Sierra Vol-Biv Traverse in the western USA, Ozone Team Pilot Dave Turner has moved on to the Alps. He flew into Nice, France, and 18 days, 4 hours after walking out of the airport door, he arrived in Slovenia having used only his own two feet and his LM5/Ozium. Dave traveled SOLO, UNSUPPORTED, for the entire 1300km vol-biv journey from the Nice airport to the Slovenian border.

When Dave planned this trip originally, he decided that traversing the entire length of the Alps sounded like fun, but traversing it twice, back and forth, would be even more fun. And better than that, he decided to bring along his girlfriend for a tandem vol-biv return journey. His partner, Tawny, has just arrived in Slovenia with their new Mag2Lite, and the pair now intend to return to Nice across the entire length of the Alps again, unsupported.

An impressive majority of the world’s biggest vol-biv adventures have been completed on Ozone wings, so we have heard a few stories about long vol-biv adventures. Dave’s double alpine traverse is one of the more ambitious and also one of the fastest traverses that we have read about. Congrats Dave, and good luck to you and Tawny for the return journey!

read more about Dave’s traverse here, on his website. His tracklog can be seen here. He is also posting regular updates on his facebook page, add him here.
Cheers, from all the Team.