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Matty Senior Sends it in WA

June 2, 2014

The Summer Season is off to a rather epic start in the Northern Hemisphere, with some impressive records and competition results already. In the northwest USA, Matty Senior recently broke the WA state distance record with an incredible flight from Chelan Butte. Chelan is now widely recognized as one of the world’s premier XC flying sites, and the clouds in the photo at right make it pretty obvious why. With a nice big butte to launch from, expansive flatlands, plentiful dust-devils, and lots of roads, it is a rather perfect setting. Matt was flying his Enzo2.
In Matty’s words:

“On Saturday we had super nice conditions in Chelan. I launched early with the new state record in mind. The previous record was set last year by Alex Raymont, flying a Delta 2, at 250km. On Saturday the wind direction was the same as it had been for Alex’s flight; ideal for avoiding Spokane airspace and then going long into Idaho.

Morgan Hollingsworth, also flying a Delta 2, glided over the Columbia with me. The two of us enjoyed perfect clouds, strong climbs, and a nice 15-20km tail wind. Morgan landed for a personal best about 50km SE of Ritzville, 190km from Chelan, while I ended up crossing the Idaho border and landing east of Deary after 289km.

Huge thanks to my incredible wife Heather StClair for chasing us all over the state for 12 hours, and thanks to Alex and Meredyth for showing us the line.”

Congrats Matty, epic flight!