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X-Rockies Team Cruises Southward!

May 15, 2014

The X-Rockies Team is more than halfway through the most ambitious vol-biv adventure ever attempted in North America. They are currently making excellent time, and enjoying some good spring conditions in the remote American West. Previous update here. Be sure to check out their website for video and more stories – it hasn’t all been easy, as you can imagine!
Thomas and Nelson report:

We are now 70 miles from Salt Lake City. Good flying conditions permitted us to enjoy beautiful lines between Montana and Idaho. Hitting Jackson Hole was good; we managed to grab the summer gear to be lighter and check the route to New Mexico with Nick Greece.

Following Nick and Nate Scales’ advice we detoured through Idaho to catch the right mountain range. This option permits us to pass through Utah quickly and avoid Colorado, which got 7 feet of snow march 10th!

This option is worth the backtracking. We have been enjoying very good conditions and flying about 45 miles a day in amazing landscapes. For the next days we will down to Provo and try to open a line to Durango, before heading into New Mexico. Thanks again for all your support, and please visit us at www.xrockies.com

Best of luck guys, and congratulations on an impressive trek so far!