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Seiko Smashes Records

May 7, 2014

Ozone Team Pilot, Seiko Fukuoka-Naville, has broken several records this year already. Is there a world record for the number of world records broken in a year? If so, we’re wondering if Seiko will add that one to her list as well 🙂

With her recent massive distance and triangle flights, Seiko is currently placed 1st in the women’s French XC league, and 4th in the overall! In the first week of May alone, Seiko flew 337km record flight from Jeufosse (near Paris, to near the Atlantic Coast), a 153km FAI triangle (32kmh), and a 100km FAI triangle (29kmh). To see her recent flights, click here.

Seiko is an incredibly driven and passionate paraglider pilot who flies for the only good reason: she loves it. Paragliding is a beautiful sport but not without some inherent risks, and we respect Seiko a great deal because she is not motivated by a desire for fame or recognition, but instead her pure passion for free flight. She has been a professional pilot for more than a decade and has nothing left to prove, yet she continues to fly every chance that she gets simply because it is what she loves to do with her life. In short, she’s one of our favourite people and we feel honoured to be able to provide her with equipment for her pursuits.

Congrats Seiko, and best wishes for the rest of the season!

Cheers, from all the Team.