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Introducing the New Zero Miniwing

December 11, 2013

After several years of testing and development, we are very happy to announce that the Zero has arrived. This advanced mini-wing design is based on technological advances we have made in the Ozone Performance Project, and is the first and only mini-wing design to feature Ozone SharkNose Technology. This exciting design feature has proven to enhance performance in our competition, performance XC, and sport class wings, and is now trickling down to other wings in our range. SharkNose Technology improves handling, performance, and stability at both high and low angles of attack, making the Zero a fun and compact wing whether you are soaring in high wind or coring a light thermal.

For more info, check out the Zero product page at the Ozone Speed Site.

Cheers from all the Team, we look forward to hearing what you think of this new mini-wing!