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Felix, Keiko, and Kirsty on the podium in South Africa

March 8, 2013

Congratulations to Felix, Keiko and Kirsty who all finished on the podium in the first PWC of the 2013 season!
Porterville, South Africa delivered 6 out of 6 tasks. The first few days were difficult, with inversions and stable conditions, but it improved throughout the week to give some great flying at the end. Pepe Malecki was leading the competition on the last day, but then dropped to 10th overall after getting stuck on the course. Felix flew excellently all week, and finished strongly in the last task, just behind the task winner (Julian Wirtz) for a 2nd place overall, just 20 points behind the comp winner Andre Rainsford. Well done Felix! It is extremely rare for a pilot to stand on podiums in both acrobatic and cross country paragliding, and Felix is truly one of the most talented (and dedicated) pilots we have ever known.
Congratulations to Keiko Hiraki who flew consistently well to take the women’s top spot, and to Kirsty Cameron who finished 3rd.

Cheers from all the team!