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Jon Chamber’s Account of the 2011 X-Alps

February 15, 2013

Ozone Team Pilot, Jon Chambers, flew an LM4 in the 2011 X-Alps, and he’ll be piloting our newest light-performance wing in the 2013 edition. He has recently written a book about his experiences in 2011, which can be seen here: James Allcock says in his review of the book:

“I love it when the sky gods like Jon mention fitting flying round the drudgery of work or pressures of family life and hearing that these super-beings get tired, fed up and scared at times is heartening. I particularly liked the father-son comments and thoughts that ran through the pages.”

The proceeds from Jon’s book go towards his efforts in the 2013 race. We look forward to supporting Jon in his 2013 efforts, and to reading his book!

Cheers from all the Team.