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Japan Champs

October 12, 2012

Last week the JAPAN Championships were flown at Nanto, with 3 out of 4 tasks valid. Congratulations to Masao MORIYAMA who flew his ENZO to the overall 2012 Japan Championship title, and to Midori NAKANOME who took the overall women’s flying her M4. Impressively, Midori was also 4th in the overall Open category! Taro KAMIYAMA shared the men’s podium in 3rd place.

The women’s podium was swept by Ozone pilots, with Emi IGAWA in 2nd Keiko HIRAKI in 3rd, and Yoko KAWAMURA in 4th!
Full results can be seen here, and here.

Cheers from all the Team, and thanks to Japan’s top pilots for flying Ozone!